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KO2 specialise in sourcing electronic embedded systems engineers who can ensure our client’s devices meet the relevant Electromagnetic Compatibility safety and compliance standards.

Our experience in EMC recruitment means that we understand the specifications of this sector of electronics engineering and can ensure that our candidates have the right background and experience.

Current EMC Engineer Jobs UK

You can view our current electronic engineering jobs above, many of which involve electromagnetic compatibility work. We recruit for remote & hybrid, contract & permanent EMC roles in the UK. Get in touch if you can’t see the kind of role you’re looking for, as we don’t list all our opportunities on the website right away and may have a suitable position available.

Skills and Responsibilities of a EMC Engineer

  • The typical EMC expert we recruit has skills within electronics, can develop circuits using analogue and digital techniques and has the ability to work in an electronics team throughout a project, ensuring EMC compatibility.
  • Most of our EMC engineering candidates come from an electronics engineering background, and most roles require that engineers have experience designing and testing devices in line with EMC standards, as well as just understanding the specifications.
  • Aside from having the relevant EMC experience, our job opportunities usually require knowledge of other areas of electronics such as Analogue Design, Digital Design, FPGA Design, Power Supply Design and RF Design.
  • With EMC being a mandatory requirement in most markets globally, ensuring EMC compliance is a skill that all electronics and embedded systems businesses need.
  • Some organisations require an electronics design engineer who knows how to design to EMC standards, whilst other businesses need a pure EMC expert who knows how to ensure products are designed to rigorous safety standards.
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 has 25 years of EMC recruiter experience sourcing candidates for embedded systems and electronics roles that require specialist EMC experience ensuring electromagnetic capability. Whether it’s an engineer ending a project with EMC or a contractor who specialises purely in EMC verification, we have the experience to cover all levels of EMC knowledge.

    As an EMC recruitment agency, we work with electronics engineers working throughout the whole product development lifecycle. We work with EMC experts who have experience purely working at the final stages of this, ensuring all side effects related to EMC are kept under reasonable control. We also work with electronics engineers who have the relevant contacts to ensure EMC compatibility and know the best EMC test houses.

    KO2 has experience placing all kinds of roles in this sector of the industry, from EMC experts who purely specialise in this niche skill area to electronic design engineers who know how to design to EMC regulations and standards. Previous candidates have worked in automotive, EMC testing recruitment roles, aerospace, automotive, consumer, defence, medical, IoT, smart metering, and scientific opportunities.

    We have also recruited several different roles within EMC compliance and certification during this time. This has included EMC engineer jobs that are solely focused on removing unwanted effects such as electromagnetic interference, along with electronics and embedded systems engineers who have knowledge of EMC and use EMC test houses once a product has been designed.

    Whatever the EMC work is, we know the right people to cover it.

    EMC Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

    What are the top cities with open EMC Engineer jobs?

    Data from Indeed shows that the UK cities that pay the highest salaries for EMC engineers are Rochester, Portsmouth, Newbury and London. There are plenty of jobs for this profession in these cities, many of which offer the most competitive salaries.

    What is an EMC Engineer’s salary in the UK?

    According to data from Talent.com, the average annual salary for an EMC engineer in the UK is £42,500. Engineers starting out in the industry can expect to earn closer to £35,000, whilst those in more senior roles with a lot of experience may earn up to £73,000.

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