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KO2 is an electronic engineer recruitment agency with 25 years of experience matching candidates to electronic engineer jobs with clients and roles that they thrive in.

From positions in medical device development to consumer products and utilities, we take our unique experience of recruiting in this industry sector and use this knowledge to provide our customers with outstanding services.

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Current Electronics Engineer Jobs UK

Our current opportunities for electronic engineer jobs are listed above. We recruit for remote, hybrid and in-house roles, permanent or contract. 

Please note, not all our jobs are advertised as it does sometimes take a while for these pages to update. So if you have a certain electronics engineering role in mind, get in touch with us directly and we’ll help to find you the kind of job you have in mind.

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Our Expertise in Electronics Recruitment

We have 25 years of experience in electronics recruitment, recruiting for electronics test engineer jobs, electronic test technician jobs, PCB jobs, specialised hardware design engineers jobs and electronic design engineer jobs. Our specialisation extends to the industry areas we recruit in, sourcing electronics engineers for roles in transport, industrial manufacturing, digital healthcare and IoT.

As electronics recruiters, we’ve also placed electronics engineers throughout the product development lifecycle, working from concept design to EMC testing and manufacture. Our expert understanding means that we already understand the specific requirements of each of our client’s electronics engineer jobs and workplaces, letting us spend all of our time working to find the right fit for each opportunity.

We specialise in permanent and contract electronic engineer recruitment for roles using Analogue, Digital, ASIC, FPGA, PCB, Power Supply or RF design skills. Whether you’re a senior engineer with practical experience from a range of previous roles or a technical engineer at the start of your career, we’ll work with your values and aspirations in mind to ensure you’re the right fit for your new place of work.


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Why We’re The
Right Partner

KO2 are experts in what we do and pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients and candidates in order to provide a high standard of experience. Not only this, but we have worked in the electronics embedded system engineering industry long enough that we fully understand and appreciate the nature of the work our clients do and the skills needed by their workforce to succeed.

As one of the UK’s leading electronics recruitment agencies for embedded systems devices, we consider many aspects when sourcing new candidates for our clients. This includes the technical skills of the individual, the previous industry experience, what design tasks they are used to working on, and whether they would be suitable for the size of the company, whether this is a start-up business or a global blue-chip organisation.

The typical electronics clients we work with require engineers to have some of the following experience: analogue, high-speed digital, mixed-signal design, ASIC, FPGA, PCB design/PCB layout, RF, EMC or SMPSU/power supply design. We understand how to identify candidates with experience in these kinds of design, ensuring that everyone’s expectations are met and the right people are matched with the right roles.

Aside from having the relevant electronics skills, we ensure we source electronic engineers who are well suited to the project tasks their role involves. Typical work might include electronics design, PCB design jobs, embedded systems jobs, validation, verification, EMC testing, certification, or compliance/regulation checks.

No matter your background, we can help to place candidates in roles that suit their skills or find opportunities to facilitate career progression. We have placed electronics engineers into a wide variety of sectors, including automotive, aerospace, consumer, IoT, smart metering and wearables.

Electronic Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

What is the average salary of electronic engineering or electronics engineering jobs?

According to data from Indeed, the average annual salary for an electronics engineer in the UK is £40,774. This value is more common with engineers that have been working in the industry for a while, with lower starting salaries expected for graduate and junior electronic engineers.

Which places are popular for Electronic Engineer jobs?

Some of the top cities in the Uk for tech jobs like that of an electronic engineer are Cambridge, Reading, London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol, Birmingham, and Leeds. This is according to a study by Computer World, which analysed available jobs, the number of tech companies and startups, and the salaries on offer to candidates.

Is there a demand for electronic engineers?

As long as there is a demand for electronic products, there will be a demand for electronic engineers. Looking at the state of the industry at the moment, there is plenty of innovation on the horizon for electronic technology, so if you’re an electronic engineer then many companies will be looking to hire people with your skill set.

Which field is best for an electronics engineer?

The best field for an electronics engineer really depends on where your personal interests and your skills lie. Working in these sectors will give you the most satisfaction if you have a particular interest in a certain kind of electronic product or design, such as embedded system design or wearable devices. However, if you want to work in an industry that you feel aligns with your personal values, such as healthcare or energy, these fields are the best choice.

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“We’ve used KO2 for our technical recruitment for a few years now. They have become our default agency as they understand our technical requirements and have supplied us excellent staff over the years. Thoroughly recommended.”

Martin Williams, Engineering Director

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As one of the best specialist electronic engineer recruitment agencies, KO2 cover every niche skill that an electronics business needs, operating throughout the full product lifecycle.

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