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As an electronics recruitment agency, KO2 specialise in niche roles within this sector such as RF engineers in the UK.

Current RF Engineer Jobs UK

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You can view our current RF and related engineering jobs above. We recruit for remote and hybrid, contract & permanent radio engineer jobs.

If there is nothing that currently fits what you’re looking for, get in touch. We sometimes don’t list all of our roles on the website immediately, so may have something suitable available.

Skills and Responsibilities of RF Engineers

  • The typical RF engineering candidate we recruit has skills and experience in RF design, RF systems, knowledge of antenna design and optimisation, and knowledge of EM simulators and using RF test equipment such as network analysers and spectrum analysers
  • Aside from having the relevant RF development experience, our opportunities usually require knowledge of working with other wireless communications protocols such as Bluetooth, BLE, 3G, 4G, Thread, Zigbee and WiFi.
  • We work with RF engineers who have experience in architectural design, systems design, component-level testing and a good understanding of EMC.
  • Our previous RF engineer candidates have been placed in roles working throughout the whole product development lifecycle, but candidates may benefit from having experience working at multiple different stages
  • Why KO2?

    RF and microwave engineering is a niche industry sector that has lots of subsets within it. KO2 has experience recruiting engineers doing everything from working on entire RF systems to engineers working on specific Radio Frequency elements such as antennas, receivers, transceivers and synthesisers.

    We have 25 years of experience recruiting RF engineers for a range of different electronics and embedded systems businesses. During this time, we have recruited for many different roles within RF development, including RF Systems Engineers, Junior RF Design Engineers, Senior RF Design Engineers, Principal RF Design Engineers, RF Architects and RF Test Engineers.

    KO2 also have experience placing RF engineers throughout the RF development lifecycle. This means working from developing the antenna, the RF system, RF component selection, working with transmitters and synthesising knowledge of sub-GHz/Bluetooth/WiFi/ZigBee front-end design and optimisation, right the way through to reverse engineering an RF system.

    Our recrtuiment work has provided RF engineering skills to businesses in a wide range of industry sectors. This has included Agricultural, Audio, Automotive, Cellular Networks, Consumer, Defence, Home Automation, IoT, Instrumentation, Medical, Military, Rail, Satellite Communication, Smart Metering, Scientific, Wearables and Wireless devices.

    We’ve got the skill knowledge within RF coupled with our experience recruiting RF skills to know exactly what is required for these kinds of opportunities and offer an unmatched quality of service for both candidates and clients.

    RF Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

    Are RF engineers in demand?

    Radio frequency engineers are in demand in a variety of engineering industries, including automotive, communications, space and aerospace. The kinds of technology that RF engineers specialise in working with are used in many different areas for all kinds of machines, so there’s a lot of scope for different opportunities in this role.

    What is an RF engineer’s salary in the UK?

    According to data from Glassdoor, the average annual salary for an RF engineer in the UK is £57,408. Because it’s an engineering role that requires specialist training and is in high demand, you can expect entry-level positions to have higher salaries on average than other, general engineering jobs.

    What cities are hiring for Radio Frequency Engineer jobs?

    According to data from Indeed, the UK cities that pay the highest average salaries for RF engineers are Reading, Basingstoke, Portsmouth, Hereford and Cambridge. London is also a city with a lot of opportunities for engineering candidates, so you’ll likely be able to find multiple job opportunities there as well.

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