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KO2 specialise in FPGA engineering roles for electronics embedded systems businesses that are developing embedded systems and electronic circuits with the use of an FPGA in the architecture.

Our unique understanding of this kind of integrated circuit and the skills needed to build and maintain them makes us an ideal recruitment agency choice for candidates with this specialist experience.

Current FPGA Jobs UK

There are currently no vacancies.

We recruit for contract & permanent, hybrid and remote FPGA engineer jobs across the UK and Ireland. You can view the current jobs we have available for FPGA engineering with electronics or embedded systems businesses above.

Alternatively, if you can’t see the kind of role you had in mind, get in touch and speak to our team about what you’re looking for, as we may have a suitable opportunity available that is not currently advertised.

FPGA Design Engineer Skills and Responsibilities

  • FPGA engineers we place may purely specialise in writing HDL, using typically either Verilog or VHDL and using FPGAs such as Altera or Xilinx.
  • We have also placed FPGA engineers who have this knowledge as a subset of wider electronics experience and background.
  • The typical FPGA engineer we recruit has skills with VHDL, Verilog, knowledge of Xilinx and Altera FPGAs as well as knowledge of the wider electronics and embedded systems.
  • Aside from having the relevant FPGA development experience, our requirements are usually some knowledge of working with other parts of electronics/embedded systems such as RF, embedded coding in C, analogue design, high-speed digital design and tests.
  • Some of the FPGA engineers we work with have experience in the architectural design of FPGAs and specialise purely in this kind of integrated circuit, whilst others are electronics/embedded systems engineers with more general FPGA experience.
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 is a specialist recruitment agency sourcing candidates for clients in the electronic embedded system sector. Our focus on this area of the industry gives us a unique understanding of the requirements of roles like FPGA engineer, ensuring that our candidates are matched with opportunities that suit their skills, experience and aspirations.

    We have 25 years of experience recruiting FPGA engineering roles for electronics and embedded systems businesses. Whether it’s FPGA architectural development or electronics systems design with the need for knowledge of FPGA reverse engineering and debugging, we have the experience to cover any FPGA development requirement.

    We have had FPGA contract jobs and permanent job opportunities for engineers with FPGA experience in a wide range of industry sectors. Previous candidates have been placed in areas including Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial, Defence, Energy, Scientific and Wireless device design.

    FPGA Jobs UK – FAQs

    Is FPGA a good career?

    Working with Field Programmable Gate Arrays is a good career choice if you’re an electronics engineer that wants to specialise in an area that requires niche skills and experience. Because it is a career path that not many people specialise in, you have the potential to be very successful if you’re good at what you do.

    Are FPGA design engineers in demand?

    Yes, FPGA design engineers are in demand in the engineering and design industry. This is because the market for this kind of technology is expanding rapidly and demand is increasing for both AI and IoT devices, so engineers that are confident working with Field Programmable Gate Arrays are desired by many engineering companies.

    What is the salary of an FPGA engineer?

    According to data from Glassdoor, the average annual salary for an FPGA engineer in the UK is £59,380. It’s an engineering profession where salaries tend to be higher because the job requires specialist experience, so once you’re established in the profession you will likely make a good amount of money.

    Get in Touch

    If you’re an engineer with FGA experience looking for a new role, we would love to speak to you and find out more about what you’re looking for.