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KO2 specialise in mechanical design engineering roles for electronics embedded systems businesses developing complex embedded systems that need enclosing in housing to ensure compatibility for the industry sector.

Our Expertise In Mechanical Design Engineer Recruit

KO2 has 25 years of experience in mechanical engineers recruitment, placing talented candidates in roles for a range of electronics and embedded systems businesses. Our specialist work in this industry sector means that we understand the requirements of roles like these more than any other recruitment agency, making us the ideal partner to ensure that the right candidates are matched with the right clients.

We have recruited for many different roles during our time in the industry, including contract mechanical design engineer jobs, mechanical design engineers designing complex moving parts for robotic systems, upper limb prosthetics with the complexities of actuated mechanisms and plastic enclosures for handheld instrumentation.

We work with mechanical design engineers throughout the whole product lifecycle, placing them in roles across a wide range of projects. Whether it’s mechanical design for a product at the concept stage, mechanical design for re-design of an existing product or a mechanical design engineer who specialises in standards for a specific sector to ensure compliance, we have the experience to cover any mechanical design requirement.


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Why We’re The
Right Partner

As a mechanical design engineer recruitment agency, KO2 has experience placing mechanical design engineers in all kinds of electronics and embedded systems roles. This means working with mechanical design engineers who purely specialise in new product development and work from a blank sheet of paper typically using a 3D CAD package such as Solidworks, Catia and Creo, as well as working with mechanical design engineers who specialise in improving current designs and ensuring current designs are compliant.

We place contract and permanent mechanical design engineers in roles, who largely use Solidworks and Creo CAD packages. Candidates that understand the interplay between the design and manufacturing of electronics and embedded devices allow for more intuitive design and innovation, making this a role that is highly in demand.

Previous candidates have been placed on commercial, defence, medical, automotive, IoT and energy projects.

The mechanical engineers we recruit are typically working towards design for manufacture, and have experience with 3D CAD packages such as Solidworks, Catia and Creo as well as FMEAs, and have the relevant standards experience. Many of our candidates have both 3D and 2D CAD experience, but typically specialise in 3D CAD and have the ability to work with injection moulding (plastic and metals), compression moulding, investment casting, multi-axis machining, motor calculations and gearbox selections, full mechanical design lifecycle experience (concept to manufacturing), design for products enclosing electronics/PCBs and experience collaborating with external partners.

Aside from having relevant mechanical design experience, our candidates usually need experience in working with electronics and embedded system engineers. It would be unusual to find a mechanical engineer with the ability to design electronics or programme embedded software, as mechanical design engineers will typically have designed products that enclose electronics and embedded systems, and must feel comfortable working in a multi-disciplined R&D team focusing on fast-moving product development.

Mechanical Design Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

What is the average salary of mechanical design engineer jobs?

According to data from Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a mechanical design engineer is £37,835. You’re likely to begin on a lower annual salary at the start of your career if you’re a graduate engineer, but the high end of the average payscale is around £52,000 a year.

Are mechanical design engineers in demand?

The role of a mechanical design engineer is always going to be in demand because it’s considered an evergreen role. There will always be new mechanical products being created and refined, from vehicles to manufacturing equipment, which means that companies are always going to want to hire candidates for this role.

Which city is best for mechanical design engineers?

Manchester is often listed as one of the best UK cities for a mechanical design engineering career because of all the industrial companies based there. London is another great city for engineering in general as the capital of the country, but Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow and Birmingham also all have plenty of opportunities.

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“We’ve used KO2 for our technical recruitment for a few years now. They have become our default agency as they understand our technical requirements and have supplied us excellent staff over the years. Thoroughly recommended.”

Martin Williams, Engineering Director

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KO2 cover every niche skill that an electronics embedded system business needs and operate throughout the full product lifecycle, recruiting within multiple industry sectors.

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