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KO2 is a recruitment agency with plenty of experience placing candidates in specialist mechanical design engineering roles using applications like SolidWorks.

Current SolidWorks Jobs

Whether you’re looking for SolidWorks contract jobs, remote SolidWorks jobs or specialist SolidWorks product design jobs, we use our unique industry insight to recruit for these kinds of roles. You can view all of our current SolidWorks job opportunities above.

Can’t see the kind of position you’re looking for? We might have other SolidWorks jobs available that are not yet listed, so get in touch with our team if you have something specific in mind.

SolidWorks Skills and Responsibilities

  • Candidates for SolidWorks UK Jobs and international jobs will need a thorough understanding of SolidWorks software and experience using the program
  • Design engineers often benefit from confidence in using both the 3D modelling and 2D design applications for simulation, visualisation, product data management, and rendering tasks
  • Typical responsibilities for jobs on SolidWorks include creating models and blueprints, developing automated projects to create prints and assemblies, creating design documentation, conducting design reviews and maintaining an existing CAD library
  • SolidWorks candidates working in the electronics and embedded systems industry will often need specific experience designing products or devices that use embedded technology or using SolidWorks software to visualise electronic designs
  • Why KO2?

    SolidWorks is used to develop a wide range of designs and products, many of which require electronic components and/or embedded systems to function. As expert recruiters in the electronic embedded systems engineering sector, KO2 is familiar with how knowledge of this software is necessary for our clients and understands the skills and experience they are looking for.

    The number of mechanical design engineering candidates with SolidWorks experience is high, but when it comes to specific SolidWorks designer jobs, it can be difficult to find a position catering to exact skills and backgrounds. Working with an engineering recruitment agency like KO2 is a great option when you have a specific role in mind, as our team understands the technical requirements of different industry jobs and will endeavour to find our candidates the best opportunities.

    We have placed design engineering candidates in roles throughout the whole product lifecycle, adding engineers with SolidWorks experience to teams in a range of industry sectors. These positions have included everything from SolidWorks entry-level jobs to SolidWorks consulting jobs, giving our recruitment agency valuable insight into what’s needed on these kinds of design projects.

    KO2 has always specialised in recruitment for electronics and embedded systems engineering, allowing us to gain a unique insight into our client’s requirements. By recruiting candidates for both contract and permanent roles, we offer a full recruitment solution and pride ourselves on our approach to matching candidate ambition with client requirements.

    If you’re a client looking for engineers with SolidWorks Design skills, you can find out more about the recruitment services we offer here. We work in the electronics and embedded systems sector with businesses hiring for SolidWorks jobs, using our industry expertise to ensure the right people are matched with the right roles.

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    If you’re a mechanical design engineer with SolidWorks experience, we would love to speak to you and find out more about what you’re looking for.