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We recruit IT skills for electronics embedded systems companies by finding software developers that understand the entire device and the systems it connects to. If you’re looking for candidates with IT skills and specific experience working with embedded software, KO2 has the best insight into this intersection of the industry.

KO2 is not an information technology recruitment agency, but we are recruitment experts in the embedded systems sector that understand the need for developers with relevant IT skills. The IT industry involves a wide range of expertise, and we can help you find the right kinds of candidates for electronics embedded systems businesses.

Current IT Roles in Electronics Embedded Systems Companies

Here are the current IT jobs in the UK that we’re recruiting for within the electronics and embedded systems sector. If you’re a candidate with IT skills and you have a specific role in mind, get in touch and we’ll be able to share other opportunities that may not currently be advertised.

Our Expertise

We also offer permanent and contract software engineer roles for our candidates, helping provide our clients with a range of solutions to suit their hiring needs. From local opportunities to global and remote recruitment, we understand the current state of the jobs market for software engineer jobs UK and can offer guidance no matter the kind of role you’re searching for.

We’re seeing an interesting increase in the need for IT skills in the electronics industry at the moment. More and more data and systems are being stored and handled on the cloud, and data engineering roles are in high demand as more electronics companies need employees with experience working with and securing the data that their devices are collecting and sharing.

IoT recruitment is another area we specialise in where we’re also seeing an increased need for IT skills. Electronics embedded systems companies need engineers and developers for their IoT devices and embedded software that also have a good understanding of the data being collected and handled by their product or program.

If you’re new to information technology recruitment then you need an experienced partner like KO2 that can help bridge the gap between your electronics embedded systems company and then IT candidates that will ensure your business thrives. We’ve been recruiting in this industry sector for over 15 years and have unrivalled insight into the requirements of companies seeking electronics and embedded software engineers.


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Specific Roles

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The need for IT skills in the embedded systems sector is still quite new, and many businesses aren’t familiar with the roles and types of candidates they need to hire to help their company navigate the transition. KO2 is the ideal IT recruitment specialist that can help to source the perfect candidate with IT skills that will complement your existing team.

What sets us apart from other IT recruiters is that we’ve specialised in helping electronic embedded systems companies recruit the perfect engineers and developers. Working in this niche industry sector means we have unparalleled experience sourcing the right kinds of candidates and a valuable understanding of the requirements of our roles.

Plenty of IT recruiters in the UK will be able to source candidates with the right kinds of IT skills, but none of them will be able to work with your specific requirements and understand the need for an employee with embedded systems experience. Not only do we have access to a talented pool of candidates in this industry sector, but we also understand the conditions in which their skills are required and can help businesses continue to navigate these changes with their hiring strategy.

IoT is an area of engineering that will only continue to grow, and more and more embedded systems businesses will need to hire employees with the necessary IT skills to manage the data collected from their devices. KO2 is the best choice for a recruitment partner in this area, offering unique industry insight and experience alongside a successful approach to recruitment.

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“We’ve used KO2 for our technical recruitment for a few years now. They have become our default agency as they understand our technical requirements and have supplied us excellent staff over the years. Thoroughly recommended.”

Martin Williams, Engineering Director

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We cover every niche skill that an embedded systems business needs, operating throughout the full product lifecycle.

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