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KO2 is a recruitment agency specialising in the electronics embedded system engineering industry, helping our clients find talented electronic data engineers for a variety of projects.

Skills and Responsibilities of Data Engineers

  • The typical role responsibilities for data engineer jobs in the electronic industry revolve around creating new frameworks and databases for sets of data that come from a variety of different sources
  • Engineers will also have to develop data pipelines that take raw data and either convert it and/or organise it so that it is usable for analysts and data scientists
  • Electronics data engineering jobs often involve creating processes for data modelling and extraction so that insight can be generated automatically from a set of data
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills are often required for data network engineer jobs whilst liaising with data analysts and scientists to understand project requirements
  • Strong technical coding and programming skills are also required for building and maintaining data systems to ensure continued accuracy
  • Why KO2?

    We have 25 years of experience with electronics recruitment and data engineer jobs. We have recruited for many different electronics engineering jobs within a variety of sectors during this time, including aerospace, IoT, automotive, consumer, smart devices and smart metering.

    As one of the UK’s leading embedded system data engineer agencies in the recruitment industry, we consider many aspects when sourcing new candidates for our clients. We understand the level of specialist skill required in building electronic architecture for all kinds of data sets, whether that’s part of a big data software engineer job, data communications engineer job or even a data cabling engineer job.

    We use our unique knowledge of the electronics industry combined with 25 years of recruitment experience to source candidates for our clients that perfectly match their company values and role requirements. Typical work our candidates have done in the past includes electronics design, embedded systems design, data communication engineering and compliance or regulation checks, as well as designing data architecture.

    Electronics Data Engineer Jobs and Recruitment FAQs

    Are electronics data engineers still in demand?

    Whilst the roles of data engineers are changing significantly with the rise in popularity and use of cloud storage systems, data engineers are still in demand. However, the responsibilities of their role in the electronics industry have changed to focus on managing the reliability and performance of data, as well as conducting and providing data analysis.

    Is C++ needed for data engineering?

    The C++ programming language is one of the most commonly used types of code for data engineering, so if you’re planning on working in this role then you will definitely benefit from knowing how to code in C++. However, many other programming languages can be used for data engineering, so it’s not an essential skill, just a really useful one with wide applications.

    Is electronic data engineering a good career in the UK?

    Data engineers are a valuable asset for businesses to have in the UK, which means that this is a good career path to go down. Whilst you’ll likely need to study a broader engineering discipline and then specialise in electronics data engineering, once you have the right experience there are plenty of businesses that need engineers to manage and analyse their electronics data.

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