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KO2 find specialist firmware engineers for embedded systems and electronics businesses. If you’re looking for a firmware engineering job that focuses on embedded software in particular, you’ve come to the right place.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Firmware Engineer

  • Embedded firmware is an essential part of an embedded system, requiring firmware engineers in these roles to have experience working in the embedded systems industry
  • Firmware engineering job responsibilities include developing and implementing software in embedded devices, running tests and refining programs, and creating supporting documents to check whether the firmware is running correctly
  • Embedded Software Development is an essential skill for firmware engineer jobs, along with experience working in tandem with hardware developers
  • Skills required for firmware engineering jobs include competency in a variety of programming languages, adaptability, troubleshooting, practical design and familiarity working with embedded systems and electronics
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    Why KO2?

    KO2 is a specialist embedded systems and software recruitment agency, making us the perfect partner for businesses that hire embedded firmware engineers. With 25 years of experience working in the engineering recruitment industry, we understand the specific requirements for roles in our sector and guarantee our clients an exceptional quality of service.

    We’re the best choice for candidates with experience and an interest in designing and installing firmware in embedded systems devices, as well as those who have experience specifically creating electronics firmware. Whether you code in C#, C++, Python, Javascript or other programming languages, we’ve got the expertise to match you to the role you’re looking for.

    The typical embedded firmware specifications we work on require engineers to be competent in programming in C, C++ or Assembler, as well as Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux or Windows experience. From roles in the medical and automotive industry to clients in the consumer and wearable sector, we recruit for positions with a range of responsibilities and potential applications.

    We have previously placed firmware engineers at all stages of the software development life cycle, developing brand new embedded software or debugging existing codebases. Our specialist experience means that we understand what is needed from a candidate in each of these scenarios and can ensure we provide firmware engineers with the right level of skill and experience.

    Firmware Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

    What is the average salary of a firmware engineer?

    According to data from Indeed, the average annual salary for a firmware engineer is £48,661 in the UK. The job title ‘firmware engineer’ is quite broad however, so there are likely to be specialist positions that earn more and less on average within this area.

    What are the top cities with open Firmware Engineer jobs?

    Data from Indeed shows that some of the cities with the highest-paying opportunities for firmware engineering jobs include Basingstoke, Reading, London and Cambridge. Portsmouth, Manchester and Bristol are also identified as good places to work as a firmware engineer, although the annual salaries in these cities are all under £50,000 a year.

    What is the difference between a firmware and a software engineer?

    The difference between a firmware and software engineer is due to the fact that firmware and software are different things and therefore require different approaches to work with. Software refers to any program that makes a device or a system work, whilst firmware is a type of software that is specifically used to control hardware devices.

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