C++ Jobs

We specialise in recruiting for C++ programming jobs and Visual C++ software developer roles. As one of the most common programming languages used to develop embedded system software, we have plenty of experience working with candidates that are proficient in C++ and placing them in roles that require these skills.

Working with a specialist recruitment agency like KO2 is the best option for developers and software engineers looking for roles that specifically require experience in C++. We have experience placing C++ developers on Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux and Windows requirements, so no matter your background and previous positions, we’ll find the right opportunity for you.

Current C++ Jobs

We’re a specialist C++ recruitment agency sourcing candidates for roles working in both embedded and GUI environments, as well as modern C++ based on C++11 C++14 and C++17.

You can see all of our current c++ developer jobs below. We sometimes have opportunities that have not yet been advertised on our website, so if you have a specific kind of role in mind, get in touch with our team and we’ll let you know whether we have any suitable positions available.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • The classical C++ job requirements we recruit for require C++ software engineers to program C++ onto Microcontrollers & develop GUIs for a range of audiences, particularly in the industries like energy, utilities, consumer and digital healthcare
  • The modern C++ requirements we recruit for need C++ software engineers to programme C++ in C++11 C++14 and C++17 in both embedded, Windows and Linux environments
  • Aside from having the relevant C++ programming language experience, our roles usually require Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux or Windows experience, with classical C++ and C++ contracts in an embedded environment and modern C++11 C++14 and C++ 17 in a Windows and Linux environment
  • It can also be useful for candidates to have previous experience with other programming languages in roles such as C developer jobs
  • We work with C++ Software Engineers programming through the full software stack.
  • Whether it is kernel/device driver development or middleware or application development, we have the experience and industry knowledge to cover any C++ software requirement
  • Why KO2?

    In recent years we have seen electronics and embedded systems businesses looking to adopt more object-oriented languages into their embedded system developments. Most recently there has been a growing trend for using C++ on RTOS, which is why many of our clients have been so keen to hire software engineers that are proficient in this specific programming language.

    Whilst we have placed a lot of C++ software engineers for embedded and middleware tasks in both permanent and contract programming jobs, we have also had experience recruiting software engineers who have C++ and Visual C++ experience developing graphical user interfaces.

    With an RTOS product often being memory constrained and having to operate at low power, embedded software engineers are often needed to use the C++ language in a way that doesn’t use up lots of memory. After 25 years working in the embedded software sector of the engineering industry, we understand how to screen candidates to identify these kinds of skills and ensure that we match our talent pool with the roles they are equipped for.

    KO2 is the best choice for a recruitment agency that understands the specifications of these kinds of roles and takes the time to build long-term relationships with our clients and candidates to ensure we understand everyone’s requirements and goals. Customer satisfaction and an enjoyable recruitment experience are our top priorities, as after 25 years in the recruitment industry, we’re confident that we can provide this and more to everyone we work with.

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