C++ Jobs

We specialise in C++ programming jobs and VC++ software developer roles. We have experience placing C++ developers on Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux and Windows requirements.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • The classical C++ job requirements we recruit for require C++ software engineers to programme C++ onto Microcontrollers & develop GUI’s
  • The modern C++ requirements we recruit for require C++ software engineers to programme C++ in C++11 C++14 and C++17 in both embedded, Windows and Linux environments.
  • Aside from having the relevant C++ programming language experience, our roles usually require Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux or Windows experience. We work with C++ Software Engineers who have worked with classical C++ and C++ contracts in an embedded environment and modern C++11 C++14 and C++ 17 in a windows and linux environment
  • We work with C++ Software Engineers programming through the full software stack. Whether it is kernel/device driver development or middleware or application development, we have the experience to cover any C++ software requirement, be it classical C++ or modern C++11 C++14 and C++17
  • Why KO2?

    In recent years we have seen electronics and embedded systems businesses looking to adopt more object-oriented languages into their embedded system developments. Most recently there has been a growing trend for using C++ on RTOS.

    With an RTOS product often being memory constrained and having to operate at low power, this has needed Embedded Software Engineers to use the C++ language in a way that doesn’t use up lots of memory. This has needed a Software Engineer to understand embedded systems, but also for them to use a more object-oriented language than Embedded C.

    Whilst we have placed a lot of C++ Software Engineers for embedded and middleware tasks, we often have requirements for Software Engineers who have C++ / Visual C++ experience to develop GUI’s (Graphical User Interfaces). Although there are still plenty of businesses using C++ for UI’s, C# is fast becoming the language of choice for this task work.

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