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We specialise in C++ programming jobs and VC++ software developer roles. We have experience placing C++ developers on Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux and Windows requirements.

Current Jobs

We’re a classical C++ recruitment agency sourcing candidates for both embedded and GUI environments, as well as modern C++ based on C++11 C++14 and C++17. View our current jobs below, or get in touch if there is nothing that currently fits for you. We don’t list all our roles on the website so we may still have a suitable role available.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • The classical C++ job requirements we recruit for require C++ software engineers to programme C++ onto Microcontrollers & develop GUI’s
  • The modern C++ requirements we recruit for require C++ software engineers to programme C++ in C++11 C++14 and C++17 in both embedded, Windows and Linux environments.
  • Aside from having the relevant C++ programming language experience, our roles usually require Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux or Windows experience. We work with C++ Software Engineers who have worked with classical C++ and C++ contracts in an embedded environment and modern C++11 C++14 and C++ 17 in a windows and linux environment
  • We work with C++ Software Engineers programming through the full software stack. Whether it is kernel/device driver development or middleware or application development, we have the experience to cover any C++ software requirement, be it classical C++ or modern C++11 C++14 and C++17
  • Why KO2?

    In recent years we have seen electronics and embedded systems businesses looking to adopt more object-oriented languages into their embedded system developments. Most recently there has been a growing trend for using C++ on RTOS.

    With an RTOS product often being memory constrained and having to operate at low power, this has needed Embedded Software Engineers to use the C++ language in a way that doesn’t use up lots of memory. This has needed a Software Engineer to understand embedded systems, but also for them to use a more object-oriented language than Embedded C.

    Whilst we have placed a lot of C++ Software Engineers for embedded and middleware tasks, we often have requirements for Software Engineers who have C++ / Visual C++ experience to develop GUI’s (Graphical User Interfaces). Although there are still plenty of businesses using C++ for UI’s, C# is fast becoming the language of choice for this task work.

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