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KO2 specialise in providing electronics embedded systems businesses with candidates who have Zigbee and other low power wireless communication protocol experience.

Current Contract and Permanent Zigbee Jobs UK

View our current jobs below, or get in touch if there is nothing that currently fits you. We don’t list all our roles on the website right away, so we may still have a suitable role available.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Zigbee Developer

  • We recruit for a number of different roles within Zigbee development, from dedicated Zigbee experts working to IEEE 802.15.4-based specifications to engineers who have knowledge of Zigbee as part of a wider electronics/embedded systems skill set.
  • This means working with developers who purely specialise in the Zigbee communications protocol using the wireless mesh network Zigbee to create personal area networks with small, low-power digital radios, such as for home automation. We also have experience placing Zigbee experts where Zigbee is just a part of their wider embedded systems knowledge.
  • The typical Zigbee developer we recruit for has skills within electronics and embedded software, can code in C and C++ and has the ability to work in a bare metal/ RTOS based environment, as well as working throughout the Zigbee stack.
  • Aside from having the relevant Zigbee development experience, our roles usually require knowledge of working with other communications protocols such as BLE, Bluetooth, LoRa, WiFi, 3G, 4G and Thread. We work with Zigbee experts who have experience of the architectural design of Zigbee systems for wireless devices and specialise purely in Zigbee communications for wireless devices, along with engineers who have Zigbee experience as a subset to wider electronics knowledge.
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 has 25 years of experience recruiting for electronics embedded systems roles which require specialist Zigbee and wireless knowledge. Although Zigbee experience has been the most popular low power wireless protocol needed, we are increasingly providing specialists in other wireless communication protocols such as Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa, Thread, WiFi and other bespoke protocols.

    We have experience placing embedded software engineers who are confident working at stack level with these wireless protocols. Some requirements need stack level experience, other project roles only need embedded software engineers to have interfaced to these protocols. We have the skills and experience to understand what level of experience is needed for each role.

    We work with Zigbee developers working throughout the whole lifecycle. Whether it is Zigbee architectural development, Zigbee contract jobs, electronics/embedded systems design with the need for a Zigbee element or Zigbee stack reverse engineering and debugging, we help candidates find their ideal role.

    Zigbee Development Recruitment & Jobs UK – FAQs

    Which industry do Zigbee Developer jobs belong to?

    Zigbee developers work with products and software based on IEEE 802.15.4 specification, which is used to allow devices to safely interact with each other within the same network. Zigbee developers belong to the engineering industry and may specialise either in electronics engineering or software development.

    What’s the main difference between Zigbee, WiFi and Bluetooth?

    Zigbee, WiFi and Bluetooth are all different standards that use signals to connect devices to networks and are all often used in smart home devices. The key difference between them is the bandwidth and potential applications of each; WiFi has a high bandwidth and can be used to connect a lot of devices to the internet, whilst Bluetooth works over a much smaller area and is best to connect a few devices together, and Zigbee’s network can cover a large area but only with lower power devices.

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