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KO2 finds programme manager jobs for experienced engineers in the electronics and embedded systems industry. We help talented candidates take the next step in their careers, working with businesses that are looking for programme management in a range of sectors.

Skills and Responsibilities for Programme Management Jobs

  • Programme managers in the embedded systems and electronics industry are responsible for coordinating multiple projects at once and must ensure that each gets completed on time and that deliverables consistently meet a high standard
  • Organisational skills are essential in these roles, along with outstanding communication and interpersonal skills that will be required when liaising with stakeholders and teams within the organisation
  • Other responsibilities we have seen in previous programme manager roles include allocating resources and budgets, aligning individual projects with overall business goals, building and maintaining client relationships and assessing overall performance to identify areas for improvement
  • Whilst project management skills are essential in this position, successful candidates will also need a strong background in engineering roles within the electronics and embedded systems industry.
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 has 25 years of experience recruiting for senior roles like programme manager for electronics embedded systems businesses. We have placed managers throughout the software and product life cycle, from positions ranging from technical project lead to software and hardware project managers.

    Our unique understanding of the requirements of management roles in the electronics embedded systems industry means that we are the best choice for an engineering recruitment partner who can find the most talented candidates that fit the company’s culture and share the same values and aspirations.

    After working in a specific industry sector for such a long time, we understand the need to hire programme managers who have specialist knowledge of their area of expertise. We have previously worked with formerly trained technical project managers and engineers who have programme manager qualifications, and are confident in finding opportunities with this level of responsibility.

    Programme Manager Jobs UK – FAQs

    What qualifications do I need to be a programme manager?

    The role of programme manager isn’t exclusive to the engineering industry, so if you want to be a programme manager for an engineering business you don’t necessarily need a degree in this area. The role requires extensive knowledge of how to manage people, guide teams and successfully lead projects, so many programme managers have undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in business administration. Some may also have completed additional qualifications in business management and have a lot of experience in managing people and projects.

    What is the best salary for programme management in the UK?

    According to data from Reed, whilst the average annual salary for a programme manager in the UK is £78,477, the top end of this average range is £93,518. The level of responsibility and experience required means that this is a very well-paying role, with the potential to earn over £100,000 annually if you’re successful.

    Is technical program manager a stressful job?

    A technical program manager is responsible for overseeing the delivery of a technical program of work provided by an engineering or tech company. The role carries a lot of responsibility and you will be held accountable for the success of the program, which can be stressful at times if you have to overcome challenges or navigate setbacks. It is a job that has the potential for stress, but also is very rewarding and an excellent career move for experienced engineers.

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