Hardware Project Manager Recruitment

KO2 source top candidates for hardware project management roles in different sectors across the electronics and embedded systems industry. We’re a recruitment agency that help to place candidates in a wide range of permanent and contract, hybrid or remote roles across our industry sector in the UK and Ireland.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Hardware Project Manager

  • Hardware project managers we have previously placed have had responsibilities including supporting the design and development teams, agreeing on briefs with clients, leading a team and working with other engineers when necessary, and offering insight into technical problems or setbacks
  • These roles require a strong background in engineering, specifically working with electronic devices and/or embedded systems, as well as experience with leadership and managing teams and projects
  • Our clients have previously requested hardware project managers who have practical engineering experience, so this is beneficial for the role
  • Other desirable skills include excellent written and verbal communication skills, time management, organisation, motivation, problem-solving and an analytical mindset
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 has 25 years of experience with hardware design engineers and electronics recruitment. Sourcing talented hardware managers is well within our expertise, particularly those who have the niche engineering knowledge your company is looking for.

    Project management skills are necessary for a hardware project manager, but so is technical experience in areas such as mixed-signal design, PCB design and PCB layout, analogue design, high-speed digital design and SMPS/power supply design. Along with the relevant skills, we also ensure that candidates have experience in the project tasks that they will be supervising and assisting with, such as certification, testing and compliance checks.

    KO2 is one of the leading specialist engineering recruitment agencies in the UK, meaning that you can be assured of the quality of candidates we will find for your company. From aerospace to IoT and consumer hardware projects, we consider all aspects and know the industry better than any of our competitors.

    Embedded Software Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

    How much do hardware project managers earn in the UK?

    According to data from Indeed, the average annual salary for a Hardware Engineer in the UK is £41,880. As a hardware project manager, you can expect to earn around this amount in your role and will likely earn more as you gain more seniority and experience.

    Can a hardware project manager work from home?

    As a project manager, one of your main responsibilities is to monitor and manage the progress of your team to help a project reach its deadline. It is entirely possible to do this remotely, but you may find it easier to do some aspects of your role in person where you can talk to people face-to-face.

    Your employer will also dictate whether someone in a hardware project manager role can work from home, as some companies prefer to have their staff on-site. There are plenty of benefits to working from home and in an office, so many project managers find that a hybrid model works best for their role.

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