Lead Engineer Jobs

Recruiting for lead engineer jobs in all sectors across the embedded systems and electronics industry.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Our experience hiring for lead engineer jobs has highlighted that clients are looking for applicants who not only have specific electronics and embedded systems experience but also have previously worked in managerial or leadership roles
  • As a lead engineer you will need to be comfortable with taking responsibility for a team of other engineers, developers and designers, delegating tasks and leading development
  • Other responsibilities include ensuring deliverables are finished for deadlines, directing others in your team, ensuring quality and safety standards are met at all times, updating records, specifications and design documentation, collating and analysing data and liaising with senior company members where necessary
  • Problem-solving skills are an essential part of being a successful lead engineer, as you will decide how projects are executed, what methods or approaches will work best, and be called upon to lead discussions if an issue arises
  • Other desirable skills in a lead engineer role include relevant industry knowledge and expertise, strong leadership, collaboration, written and verbal communication and a detail-orientated approach to work

Why KO2?

KO2 has 25 years of experience recruiting for lead engineer jobs in electronics and embedded systems companies. In the past, we have placed candidates from a range of backgrounds in roles ranging from lead software engineer to technical project lead in projects that have involved hardware design, IoT technology and software development.

As specialist recruiters for embedded systems and electronics engineering businesses, we have a unique understanding of what is required from candidates in high-level jobs like a lead engineer. Exceptional leadership skills are required in a position with managerial responsibility, but we also focus on finding engineers with outstanding technical and theoretical skills in their relevant industry sector.

Previous successful candidates have gone on to be lead engineers in a range of projects, from commercial and wearable device projects to larger-scale tasks in the medical, defence, transport and automotive industries. We’re one of the top specialist engineering recruitment agencies in the UK, meaning that we’re the best choice for a recruitment partner who is not only going to find you the most talented candidates, but also ones who fit your company’s culture and share the same values and aspirations.

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