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KO2 recruit for lead engineer jobs in all sectors across the embedded systems and electronics industry in the UK. From digital healthcare to transport and safety-critical design, we help candidates to find leadership roles in a range of different organisations.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Lead Engineer

  • Our experience hiring for lead engineer jobs has shown that clients are looking for applicants who not only have specific electronics and embedded systems experience but also have previously worked in managerial or leadership roles
  • As a lead engineer, you will need to be comfortable with taking responsibility for a team of other engineers, developers and designers, delegating tasks and leading development
  • Other responsibilities include ensuring deliverables are finished for deadlines, directing others in your team, ensuring quality and safety standards are met at all times, updating records, specifications and design documentation, collating and analysing data and liaising with senior company members where necessary
  • Problem-solving skills are an essential part of being a successful lead engineer, as you will decide how projects are executed, what methods or approaches will work best, and be called upon to lead discussions if an issue arises
  • Other desirable skills in a lead engineer role include relevant industry knowledge and expertise, strong leadership, collaboration, written and verbal communication and a detail-orientated approach to work
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 has 25 years of experience recruiting for positions like lead engineer jobs in electronics embedded systems companies. In the past, we have placed candidates from a range of backgrounds in roles ranging from lead software engineer to technical project lead in projects that have involved hardware design, IoT technology and software development.

    As specialist recruiters for embedded systems and electronics engineering businesses, we have a unique understanding of what is required from candidates in high-level jobs like a lead engineer. Exceptional leadership skills are required in a position with managerial responsibility, but we also focus on finding engineers with outstanding technical and theoretical skills in their relevant industry sector.

    Previous successful candidates have gone on to be lead engineers in a range of projects, from commercial and wearable device projects to larger-scale tasks in the medical, defence, transport and automotive industries. We’re one of the top specialist engineering recruitment agencies in the UK, meaning that we’re the best choice for a recruitment partner who is not only going to find you the right role for your skills, experience and aspirations.

    Lead Engineer Roles UK – FAQs

    What is the average salary for lead engineer jobs in the UK?

    According to data from Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a lead engineer in the UK is £58,086. In cities like London, this average is much higher at £75,747 each year, and the level of responsibility involved and your level of experience can also impact how much you earn.

    What is the qualification for a lead software engineer?

    There’s no specific lead software engineering qualification that you need to achieve before you can take on the role, although certain positions might require specific training or certification if you’re working in a niche sector of software engineering. However, the majority of software engineering roles will require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, whether this is computer science or another type of engineering.

    Is a lead engineer equal to a manager?

    The roles of lead engineer and manager are at a similar level of responsibility, but the focus of each is different. A manager has a general responsibility for an entire team or department and is often considered to be high up in a company hierarchy, but a lead engineer is in charge of a project and sometimes the people working on that project as well, with the power to influence the decisions made about the direction of the work. The roles are relatively equal, but have different kinds of responsibilities and need different types of skills.

    What is the next position after lead engineer?

    The role of lead engineer is a position that is often given to experienced engineers that have been working in their field for many years and have the relevant technical skills and experience to manage a project and take charge of leading it to completion. After becoming a lead engineer, potential career moves might be to the role of Engineering Manager, Technical Manager, or to a position at the head of your department.

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