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KO2 specialise in recruiting embedded software engineers with knowledge of guidelines such as MISRA C. As a leading recruitment agency in the electronic embedded systems industry, we understand the necessity of hiring candidates that understand technical guidelines and will produce software that meets specific industry standards.

Current C Programming Jobs UK

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You can also get in touch if you can’t see the kind of role you’re looking for, as our most recent roles may not currently be listed on our jobs board. We may also have other opportunities in the works that are not yet advertised, so speak to our team directly if you have a specific position in mind.

Skills and Responsibilities of a C Engineer

  • The MISRA C roles we have recruited for in the past have often required candidates to have extensive experience with embedded programming and software development using C
  • Our previous C developers have been placed in roles requiring MISRA C knowledge working on Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux and Windows requirements.
  • All candidates applying for these kinds of positions will require experience in developing software in C to MISRA coding standards
  • Embedded software engineers are also often required to have experience in working with microcontrollers in C, which is a specific requirement of candidates that are sourced through our recruitment agency
  • Aside from having the relevant C programming language experience, our roles usually also require candidates to have Bare Metal, RTOS, Linux or Windows experience
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 is a specialist embedded software development recruitment agency that has experience placing candidates in roles where knowledge of specific industry standards and guidance like MISRA C is required. In the past, we have recruited for jobs in the safety-critical, medical devices and automotive industries, all of which involve MISRA C engineers in certain positions and projects.

    We have found that C is one of the most valuable programming languages that employers look for when hiring new embedded software engineers. No matter what stage of the development cycle is being hired for, knowledge and experience working with MISRA C are essential for many roles in the embedded systems sector.

    The MISRA C coding standard is a set of guidelines that affect embedded software specifically, which is why we are the best choice for an embedded systems recruitment agency with specialist knowledge of this sector of engineering. All kinds of embedded industries, such as telecommunications, medical devices and transport, use these guidelines to develop new systems, and we have experience recruiting in many of these.

    We work with MISRA C software engineers programming through the full software stack, from kernel or device driver development to middleware and application development. Our experience as specialist recruiters means that we understand the individual requirement for each of these stages and can match candidates that have the right skills with roles that suit them.

    MISRA C Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

    What does MISRA C stand for?

    MISRA stands for Motor Industry Software Reliability Association, which is an organisation responsible for creating software development guidelines for programs used to control electronic devices in the automotive industry. MISRA C is a specific set of guidelines used when engineers create automotive software specifically in the C programming language, often involving embedded systems.

    Why is MISRA C used for programming?

    MISRA C is used for guidance during automotive programming projects because it outlines best practices and shares instructions for producing code that is of a high standard. The guidelines also help to ensure that software doesn’t have any security issues, that it will keep the device or product it is controlling safe, and helps to make sure that programs are portable across other operating systems.

    What is the average salary of a MISRA C Software Engineer? 

    According to data from ITJobsWatch, the median annual salary of a MISRA C software engineer is currently £60,000. This is quite a specialised software engineering role, so you are likely to start out in a more general position earning less than this on average before you gain the skills and experience required to be a MISRA C engineer.

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