Rust Recruitment and Jobs

As a specialist recruitment agency in the embedded systems sector, KO2 recruit candidates with a range of experience in specific programming languages like Rust. As interest in the applications of this language grows, so has the need for developers with experience in Rust programming.

Skills and Responsibilities Rust Developer

  • A clear understanding of the syntax, semantics, core features and standard library of the Rust programming language
  • Experience with the Rust ecosystem and working on projects developing software and programs using the Rust language
  • An understanding of programming and software development principles, as well as experience using other, related object-oriented programming languages like C++
  • Experience collaborating with other software developers to complete coding projects and develop new programs
  • Keeping up to date with the latest Rust developments and ensuring that the language is being used to its full potential
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 is a specialist recruitment agency working exclusively in the electronic embedded systems sector, which has given us valuable insight and experience placing candidates in roles with companies developing embedded devices and software. The Rust programming language is starting to be used as an alternative to C++ and is commonly used to write embedded software programs, so we’re seeing more and more opportunities for Rust jobs in our industry area.

    The benefit of working with a specialist recruitment agency like KO2 is that we understand the requirements of Rust developer jobs and will ensure that our candidates are matched with opportunities that suit their specific skills and experience.

    We help candidates to find Rust developer jobs in the electronic embedded systems sector where they’ll work on a wide range of embedded software and IoT projects. We know this area of the industry uniquely and can help match candidates with the perfect Rust programming role.

    Whether you’re looking for your first opportunity for Rust programming or are a seasoned developer seeking a new role in electronic embedded systems, KO2 can help to find your ideal next job.

    Rust Programming Jobs FAQs

    Is Rust better than Python?

    Deciding whether Rust is a better programming language than Python depends on your experience with both languages and the kind of project that you’re working on. Rust is generally considered to be the superior programming language because of its speed and security, but Python is much easier to learn and use and is more accessible for less experienced developers.

    Should I learn C++ or Rust?

    The best route for developers to take when it comes to learning C++ and Rust is to first get to grips with programming in C++ and then learn Rust. Both languages have their applications and will be useful in the embedded systems sector, but learning Rust will be much easier if you can already code with C++.

    Does Rust programming have a future?

    Rust is considered an up-and-coming programming language, so it definitely looks like it has a future at the moment. Not only is it safer, faster and more efficient, but it’s got a huge range of applications so can be used for a wide variety of projects across different industries. The language and community are continuing to grow, and many engineers and developers are predicting that this trend will continue for a while.

    What is the average Rust Developer salary?

    According to data from, the average annual salary for a Rust developer in the UK is £70,000. Rust is a programming language that is growing in popularity and that only a small percentage of developers are currently confident in using, so salaries for roles using this language may be higher on average than for other software developer opportunities.

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