Spice Engineer Jobs & Recruitment UK

KO2 specialise in recruiting for SPICE Modelling engineering roles for electronics embedded systems businesses in the UK that are modelling embedded systems and electronic circuits using SPICE software.

Skills and Responsibilities of a SPICE Engineer

  • Roles we have recruited for in this area generally require previous experience working in SPICE and generating SPICE circuit models with the software
  • Most roles that we recruit for also require experience in SPICE level simulators such as HSPICE and SPECTRE
  • SPICE modelling engineers are frequently required to either be fluent or have an adequate grasp of Perl, Python and shell programming languages
  • As well as the relevant SPICE development and model generation experience, clients are also usually looking for some knowledge of working in other areas of electronics or embedded systems such as test, digital design and component or circuit development
  • In the past, we have found roles for SPICE Modelling engineers who have experience in the digital design of circuits using the software and who specialise purely in this discipline, as well as electronics engineers with more general circuit design experience
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 specialise in recruiting for businesses in the embedded systems or electronics sectors, and many of these clients require engineers who can use digital design software like SPICE to design and develop circuits as well as test them. Our focus on this area of engineering means that we have a unique understanding of SPICE technology and the skills required with it for different kinds of roles.

    We recruit SPICE Modelling engineers working throughout the whole software development lifecycle. Whether it’s initial circuit simulation or general electronics systems design and debugging, we have the experience to cover any SPICE design and development requirement.

    Our SPICE Modelling roles tend to be within the electronics engineering sector, but we have also placed candidates in businesses designing embedded systems, who have been hired for their knowledge and experience using the SPICE program. If you’re an engineering candidate with SPICE experience looking for a new role, KO2 is the ideal recruitment agency to help you find a role where your skills and experience will flourish.

    Spice Engineer Jobs & Recruitment UK – FAQs

    What does SPICE stand for in engineering?

    In electronics engineering, SPICE stands for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. It’s a type of circuit design software that is used to predict how different models of electronic circuits are going to behave and is used by electronics engineers to simulate circuits and run tests without having to build them in real life.

    What is SPICE software used for?

    SPICE software is used for simulating the behavior of all kinds of electronic circuits, both analog and mixed-signal, and then analyzing this behavior. This helps to keep costs low when circuit designs are being tested, speeds up the process of gathering data, and provides more detailed analysis than you’d be able to get from a circuit built by hand.

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    If you’re looking for an engineering role involving developing circuits using SPICE software, we would love to speak to you and find out more about what you’re looking for.