Security Cleared Engineer Recruitment UK

As a specialist security cleared recruitment agency in the UK, KO2 understand the procedures required in hiring security-cleared employees and can help you find the right candidates in a streamlined screening and hiring process.

Skills and Responsibilities for Security Cleared Engineers

  • Jobs requiring levels of security clearance exist in a variety of different industries, but KO2 specialise in hiring for security cleared IT jobs and those that required electronics or embedded systems expertise when handling sensitive data
  • Individuals applying to fill security cleared job vacancies will have to undergo full background checks before they begin their roles as well as undertaking security questionnaires designed by their employer and any necessary vetting interviews
  • As a security cleared engineer or developer, you will either come into contact with sensitive data within the workplace or work directly with this information as part of your role designing systems, devices or security measures. These roles will require a high level of responsibility and proof that you are a trustworthy individual from your previous work experience
  • Why KO2?

    KO2 has been recruiting for electronics and embedded systems businesses for the last 14 years, and is now an established security cleared recruitment agency that has plenty of experience hiring for roles that require a level of vetting and approval. Our previous work hiring for these kinds of roles means that we understand the requirements of every level of security clearance and can assist in finding roles for candidates with a variety of restricted or classified experience.

    As well as working with a range of classic electronic and embedded systems businesses, we support clients who offer cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to deliver connected devices and systems. Previous candidates have been placed in roles ranging from software developer and test engineer right the way up to engineering director and project lead.

    Within our niche area of the engineering industry, we have experience working with companies in the energy and utilities, safety-critical, medical, industrial, consumer, IoT and transport sectors. Our expert understanding of these areas means that we know how to match the skills and experience needed by our clients with the perfect candidates, so that their products and systems remain at the forefront of technology.

    Security Cleared Jobs UK – FAQs

    Who is eligible for security clearance in the UK?

    In order to be eligible for basic security clearance in the UK, you must have been a resident of the country for at least three years. To be eligible for SC clearance you need to have been a resident for five years and for DV clearance you must have been a resident for at least ten years.

    How can you put SC clearance on your CV?

    If you are applying for a role that requires security clearance and you already have an SC level of clearance, or you have SC clearance from a previous role, it’s recommended that you put this on your CV. The best ways to do this are to either list your level of clearance next to the previous role that you gained it for or to include a specific section somewhere in your CV that gives details of your security clearance.

    Can you tell people you have a security clearance?

    Having security clearance for your job isn’t classified information, so you can tell people that you have a level of security clearance in professional and personal contexts. However, disclosing this kind of information can potentially put you at risk, so it’s better not to talk about it too publicly and only mention it to relevant people or in relevant situations.

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