C# Jobs

We specialise in recruiting for C# software development roles for companies within the electronics and embedded systems sector. This popular programming language is frequently used with embedded software devices, and our experience working with clients developing this kind of technology means we have exceptional knowledge of the skills and experience their candidates require.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • The embedded C# requirements we recruit for often need C# software engineers to programme C# in Windows 10 IOT core, so experience with this operating system is essential.
  • Many of our clients also require candidates to have relevant skills and experience in developing GUIs using C#.
  • We have occasionally been asked to recruit candidates with C# skills for clients who want to set up automated test frameworks for their Windows products.
  • The modern C# opportunities we recruit for require C# software engineers to programme in both embedded and Windows environments, meaning that candidates often need a diverse range of C# programming experience.
  • Aside from having the relevant C# programming language experience, our clients sometimes require software engineers to support embedded software tasks on Bare Metal, RTOS and Linux as well.
  • We often work with software engineering candidates who can do both C# development task work and embedded software tasks. A good example of this is doing the embedded C# development and then developing a C# user interface on a device.
  • Why KO2?

    With electronic devices becoming increasingly connected in the world of IoT, electronics and embedded systems businesses are now requiring C# software skills more often as they look to develop UI applications to support their devices.

    We have 25 years of experience recruiting C# software engineers for electronic and embedded system companies. C# skills have typically been needed to develop desktop and GUI applications as well as automated test frameworks.

    Our clients typically require candidates with C# skills for running Windows 10 IoT core on their embedded software devices. We otherwise recruit C# engineers for clients wanting to develop desktop or GUI applications to support their embedded software devices.

    We have experience placing C# software engineers who can use C# within electronics and embedded systems businesses. Having this industry experience tends to allow the C# developer to hit the ground running quicker with the project work, as they understand what different electronic or embedded software products need.

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