SAE J1939 Engineer Recruitment & Jobs

KO2 recruit automotive engineers with SAE J1939 skills and experience who have extensive knowledge of the relevant safety standards and how each influences what needs to be done in a project.

Current SAE J1939 Jobs

You can view our current SAE J1939 embedded software engineer jobs below. If no opportunities are available or you can’t see the kind of role you’re looking for, get in touch and talk to our team, as we may have positions that are not currently advertised or clients looking for an engineer with your unique skills.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • SAE J1939 is a protocol that affects networks of vehicle components, and so we mainly recruit for these kinds of roles within the transport and automotive sectors
  • The SAE J1939 engineer roles we recruit for require a good understanding of the range of different safety standards that fall under the umbrella of SAE J1939, and knowledge of how these standards need to be considered within the software and product development cycle
  • Because SAE J1939 is a protocol based on Controller Area Network (CAN), role requirements also often involve experience working with networks of devices and microprocessors, often specifically within automotive companies.
  • SAE J1939 is now sometimes also applied to industrial automation projects, and some of our roles may require knowledge and experience in this industry as well
  • Why KO2?

    Since the use of electronic components and embedded systems and networks in automotive vehicles became popular, embedded systems engineers have become increasingly valuable in automotive companies where vehicle software is becoming more complex. SAE J1939 engineers, or engineers with experience working with these industry standards, are growing more in demand, especially as vehicle fleets require more complex engineering.

    Automotive companies and specialist embedded systems developers are looking for a variety of engineers who have an understanding of SAE J1939 standards and who can design, develop and integrate networks and components for vehicles that adhere to these standards. As a specialist recruiter in the embedded systems industry, we understand the need for SAE J1939 engineers and can help candidates with the right background find their ideal roles.

    KO2 is the best choice for an SAE J1939 recruitment agency with experience in sourcing candidates and working with clients in the embedded systems discipline. We have 25 years of experience and knowledge of what is needed in roles such as SAE J1939 engineer and understand the industry uniquely, ensuring that you get the right people for the jobs you recruit for.

    Get in Touch

    If you’re any engineer with SAE J1939 experience looking for your next career move, we would love to speak to you and find out more about what you’re looking for.