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KO2 specialises in recruiting for Technical Engineering Directors for businesses in the embedded software and electronics industry in the UK. We offer contract and permanent, remote and hybrid engineering director jobs within Britain and Ireland.

Skills and Responsibilities of a Software Engineering Director

  • Typical responsibilities of engineering technical director roles involve being in charge of developing and implementing strategies into a range of engineering projects to ensure that goals and objectives are met
  • Previous role requirements have sought candidates who have excellent knowledge of new developments and technologies in their specific sector with the ability to apply this knowledge to new projects that help keep the business moving forward
  • Technical engineering director jobs all require a degree of experience in engineering roles with previous positions in leadership or management highly favoured by employers
  • Skills required in the role include budget and resources management, time management, the ability to stay focused on the big picture, technical expertise in their specialist sector, knowledge of successful project methodologies and the ability to communicate well with a range of people
  • Why KO2?

    A technical engineering director is an incredibly important role in a company, and KO2 understand that only the most talented candidates will do for these kinds of positions. With 25 years of experience recruiting in the electronics and embedded systems engineering industry, we’re confident in sourcing the right people for technical director jobs.

    The majority of engineering directors are specialists in their field and have worked their way up the ranks in a specific industry sector. As a niche engineering recruitment agency, we understand the importance of knowing an industry inside out in order to hire the best possible candidates for every role that comes our way.

    Whether you’re a business in the defence, commercial, medical, transport, automotive or energy sector, we can source and place technical engineering directors for all kinds of projects and company departments. If you have experience working within the full project and programme lifecycle as well as overseeing projects and making decisions on the technical direction of a company, we’ll make sure you’re an ideal fit for job opportunities we share.

    Engineering Director Jobs UK – FAQs

    Which places are popular for engineering director jobs?

    According to data from Indeed, some of the best countries in the world for engineering roles like engineering director are England, France, China, New Zealand, India and Canada. If you are looking for a new opportunity as an Engineering Director, these places have the most open positions and the highest salaries.

    How much does a technical engineering director make?

    According to data from Reed, the average annual salary for an Engineering Director is £85,041 in the UK. This is a senior position, so your salary will likely increase from here the longer you are in a role and the more experience you gain.

    How do software engineering directors get recruited?

    In many cases, a software engineering director will get recruited because of their reputation in the role and the work they have done with other companies. In a senior position like this, companies will want to be sure that they’re hiring someone that will be good at the job and can be trusted, so many directors are recruited through referrals or recommendations.

    Who is the UK’s software engineering recruiter?

    There is a range of different software engineering recruiters all over the UK that specialise in finding candidates for software engineering roles. KO2 is a recruitment agency that specialises in software engineer recruitment in the electronics and embedded systems industry, both in the UK and for jobs in Europe.

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