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At KO2, one of the niche sectors we specialise in is the automotive industry and BMS recruitment for contract and permanent, hybrid & remote positions. We recruit for battery management system engineers jobs in this sector to design and deliver effective systems to manage the battery power of electric vehicles.

BMS Jobs & Recruitment UK

We’re a specialist electronic and embedded systems recruitment agency that sources candidates in the automotive sector across the UK and Ireland, in roles like battery management engineer. You can view our available jobs in this area above.

If you can’t see an opportunity that fits what you’re looking for, get in touch and let our team know your requirements. We don’t always list all our roles on the website, so we may still have a suitable opportunity available or a client that we think you’d be perfect for.

Skills and Responsibilities of a BMS Engineer

  • The roles we have hired for in the past have all required battery management system engineers to have extensive Energy Storage System (ESS) knowledge and practical experience
  • Engineers may be required to work on battery management systems (BMS) throughout all stages of development, from creating specifications and prototypes to refining designs and monitoring delivery and installation
  • Having an understanding of the relevant legal requirements and safety standards of BMS design and implementation such as ISO 26262 is often desirable to employers
  • Embedded system development experience is crucial when designing a battery management system that will work in tandem with a vehicle’s energy storage system
  • Almost every one of our previous roles has required candidates to have worked in the automotive industry in a previous role, either as an engineer or a technician.
  • Why KO2?

    With the transport sector now utilising more modern technology, KO2 has found growing requests for skills that haven’t previously been needed by electronics and embedded system businesses working in that industry sector. Automotive manufacturers are requiring embedded systems engineers to work on software and circuits needed in battery management systems for example, and we are hiring the right candidates for these roles.

    A battery management system is a perfect example of the kind of embedded system that we specialise in recruiting for. We have worked with electronics embedded systems businesses for 25 years, meaning that we have exceptional insight into recruiting in this sector and know what our candidates and clients are looking for.

    We hire for roles at all stages of the software development life cycle, so no matter your requirements, we can find the right engineer for the opportunity. Automotive battery design is an industry that we predict will continue growing, and working with a recruiter who understands this area inside out is definitely your best option.

    BMS Engineer Jobs UK – FAQs

    What are the top cities with open Battery Management System Engineer jobs?

    According to recent data from Glassdoor, some of the top cities with open job opportunities for Battery Management System engineers are London, Bristol, Malmesbury, Coventry, Gaydon, Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow. BMS engineers work in quite a few different industries, but many of them are employed in the automotive sector, so there are likely to be a lot of job openings in cities where automotive businesses are based.

    Which places are popular for Battery Systems Engineer jobs?

    Battery Management System engineers will find a lot of job opportunities with automotive engineering businesses, which makes places with a lot of these kinds of companies popular amongst people in this profession. A study by BoldData found that London has an 11% market share in the automotive industry, Manchester had a 4.4% share and Kent had a 3% share, so these are three of the best places to try and find work.

    What other similar jobs are there to Battery Systems Engineer jobs?

    Automotive engineers, electronics engineers and embedded systems engineers are all similar to Battery Systems Engineer jobs as they require a similar engineering background and involve the same kinds of skills and knowledge. If you work in any of these roles, you may end up working on battery management systems as part of your job, particularly in the automotive industry.

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