Our industry experience in automotive embedded software recruitment makes us the best choice for hiring engineering candidates with AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) skills.

Current AUTOSAR Jobs

We’re a specialist electronic and embedded systems recruitment agency that sources candidates with a range of specialist experience in industry standards such as AUTOSAR. View our current jobs above, or get in touch if there is nothing that currently fits you. We don’t list all our roles on the website so we may still have a suitable role available.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Most of our AUTOSAR engineering roles will require AUTOSAR Classic knowledge as well as experience in CAN including the configuration of AUTOSAR basic software
  • The majority of AUTOSAR projects need engineers with competent knowledge and experience of the C programming language
  • Skills and experience programming embedded systems in C or C++ are desirable
  • Previous roles or experience in the automotive software development industry are often beneficial when seeking a role that involves AUTOSAR
  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant safety standards to automotive development and embedded systems software is important
  • Why KO2?

    Since the use of electronic components and systems in automotive vehicles became popular, embedded systems engineers have become increasingly valuable in automotive companies where vehicle software is becoming more complex. AUTOSAR engineers or engineers with experience in AUTOSAR architecture are growing more and more in demand, especially in the wake of the automotive electrification revolution.

    Automotive companies and specialist embedded systems developers are looking for software engineers who have an understanding of AUTOSAR standardisation and who can design, develop and integrate these systems into new vehicles.

    KO2 has the specialist experience required to source and hire candidates with these talents. We have been placing embedded software engineers in roles across a variety of industries for the past couple of decades, and are used to meeting requirements such as specific coding language skills, safety regulation knowledge or engineering sector experience.

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