These are the most trusted tech brands in the world, according to Google

Our research has analysed search data for the world’s biggest tech brands to find which are the most trusted by consumers.

Our brand new study has determined the most trusted tech brands among consumers.

We utilised Google search data to analyse privacy concerns around 50 of the world’s biggest tech brands to reveal which brands are most trusted by consumers when it comes to issues of data, privacy and security.

To determine our results we looked at the volume of search queries for ‘privacy’ issues related to each brand, and equated this proportionately against the total search volume for that brand.

Coming out in the top spot is Tesla, which had the lowest volume of Google search volume from consumers with privacy queries about the brand.


The electric car and clean energy company offers more than the cars which first brought it recognition, now also providing renewable energy solutions including solar panels and powerwalls.

Tesla was following by gaming company Nintendo and computer company Oracle as other tech brands appearing to rank high among consumer trust, with Google data showing a small level of queries around privacy concerns with these brands.

Other notable brands featuring in the top 10 most trusted tech brands include Netflix, eBay and YouTube.


Towards the bottom end of the scale WeChat, a messaging service founded in China, was found to be the least trusted tech brand with the highest volume of search queries relating to privacy around this service.

This was followed by TikTok as the second least trusted tech brand. While the video platform has been a hit during lockdown, the brand had one of the highest level of search queries around privacy related issues – suggesting consumers may have more concerns with it being a newer service they are not as familiar with.

Android, WhatsApp and Facebook also ranked as some of the least trusted brands, based on search volume of queries around privacy issues with these brands.

When it comes to another staple of lockdown – video call platforms – Zoom ranked slightly higher than Skype in terms of consumer trust, though both platforms had some of the highest volumes of searches around privacy.

View the full results below:



To conduct our study we created a set of 50 of the biggest and most esteemed tech brands based on industry lists and public discussion.

We then utilised Google search data to analyse the search volume for the below phrase for each brand:

“[brand name] privacy”

This provided us with the volume of search queries around this brand and questions/issues which included the word privacy.

We then analysed the search volume of the brand name alone to identify what % of search volume for each brand was related to a query around privacy.

We then ranked each brand based on this search volume %.

Those brands with the lowest % search volume around privacy were deemed to be the most trusted brands.

Full data set available upon request.

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Chris Oddy

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