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Mechanical Engineer / Development Engineer


SALARY: £28,000-33,000

HOURS OF WORK: Lunchtime finish on a Friday


A highly successful electronics business in Newcastle, who are the leading company globally for touchscreen display technology require a Mechanical/ Development Engineer to join their R&D team.

Any touchscreen device you have used (examples include ATM machines, ordering at a restaurant kiosk, gaming machines, electric cooker hobs, ticket machines, drink dispensers) will use this companies’ touchscreen technology.

In this role you will be responsible for understanding each customer’s requirements and then developing a prototype.

This will require you to use AutoCAD to draw a design and concept. You will then be responsible for building and putting together a prototype, testing that the build and materials all work together.

With the business offering bespoke solutions to a wide range of industry sectors, this role will offer you varied, interesting and stimulating work.

Finally this role will give you the chance to work with some of the biggest and most recognised brands in the world.

Seeing the products you have designed, being installed and used by millions of people makes this role very rewarding, and a great degree of satisfaction will be felt.


  • Practical/hands-on skills for process development, testing, and building test rigs / development part designs / demo units
  • Use of AutoCAD or Inventor for 2D and 3D design
  • Customer communication skills for support issues
  • Environmental testing of materials and use of climatic chambers
  • Some production processing engineering experience would be helpful


  • Some programming experience (VB/VB.NET ideal, but any language is OK)
  • Basic CNC experience/understanding
  • Electronics knowledge



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