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Manufacturing Quality Engineer

Position: Manufacturing Quality Engineer

Salary: Up to £55,000 + Equity

Location of office: London

Location of Work: Hybrid WFH Model

A London based innovative tech start-up who are providing AI based real time coaching and training for a specific sporting environment are recruiting a manufacturing / design quality engineer to help improve the quality process, sitting in the space between the electronics design team in London and the manufacturing team in China.

The business consists of 35 people and is VC backed and will be profitable within 18 months. The product has a range of sensors which connect to a mobile phone via BLE and has a gaming environment infrastructure, similar to that of collecting coins on Mario Cart, where you will be coached and trained to improve your technique and your ability through an interactive environment.

The company is currently manufacturing at 15,000 units per year and will be looking to get to 30,000 units within the next 12 months. The role is based either in London 2/3 days per week and the rest from home or at a European facility in one of the world’s most popular sporting destinations, where you will be able to be hands on with the testing in the environment the product is used. You could work from the European facility full time, but more likely it would be a great base for some weeks of the year.

The role sits between the hardware design team and the manufacturing team, leaning more towards manufacturing. The business needs to have a clear link between design and manufacturing, almost like a new product introduction engineer, albeit this not being new product introduction, but the communication channels are the same.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the hardware operates at the highest possible quality, both during manufacture and in-use. Starting during design development you will help during concept generation, coordinate the manufacture of prototypes and make sure they are rigorously tested. Once approved, you will work with the Supply Chain team to make sure they are manufactured on spec, on time and to cost. In general, you will take a systematic approach to quality, performing analysis and testing to identify areas of weakness in the product design and manufacturing and act to improve them.

Some responsibilities for the role are below

Manage quality during mass production:

  • Carry out inspections alongside manufacturers of parts and issue approval for production.
  • Manage design and manufacturing documentation including technical drawings and design change requests where necessary.
  • Be accountable for the implementation and successful operation of test fixtures, with support from the wider team.
  • Continuously monitor production alongside manufacturers in-line with our Quality Assurance System.

Product development and testing:

  • Work with other team members to develop and test prototypes for the next generation of hardware.
  • Manage junior team members to collect data about product performance and use them to inform future design development.
  • Acting as “voice of quality” during the design process, analyse manufacturing processes and methods to ensure that quality is baked into future hardware.

Have complete ownership of our Quality Assurance System (QAS):

  • Decide upon the correct balance between rigorous quality and speed.
  • Facilitate processes like FMEAs to analyse the product and processes.
  • Create control plans and flow diagrams describing the assembly process.
  • Communicate the control requirements with suppliers and ensure their successful implementation.


  • Salary: £45,000 – £55,000 per annum, depending on experience
  • Options: Equity in the business
  • Equipment budget: £1k
  • Accommodation in and transport to European sporting facility as and when required

Contact Andrew Knight at KO2 Recruitment today for more details.

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