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Electronics Test Engineer

A Droylsden based business, still in the hands of the founding family, are looking to recruit an Electronics Test Engineer to the Team. The business is stable, profitable, has exceptional cash flow and importantly the owner is still as passionate about the companies products and technologies as when his Grandfather founded the business, hence there is ample investment into Research and Development. The business are all fully aware that their continued success and profitability is based on their ability to keep being number one in their area of industry and also maintain a happy, healthy, flexible workforce.

The business are leaders in non destructive test and design hand held electronics equipment that contain multiple probes and the role of the electronics test engineer is to ensure that the probes are work correctly when a new hand held testing device is being brough to market. A probe will react differently to a cylindrical tube than it will to a flat surface and as a result the probes must be tested on the test jig and the data then recorded in excel and chart the data. If the Electronics Test Engineer is able to build the test jigs, that is a huge positive but not essential.

The ideal Electronics Test Engineer will be flexible, methodical, practical, have a deep interest in electronics, and have a mind that can cope with picking up lots of separate data and producing results that are meaningful, whilst having the ability to at least test on the job, with a view to being able to build test jigs in the future. There are also possibilities for someone to grow into R&D if the ability and commitment is there.

The business offers excellent working conditions, immaculate offices and shop floor, free parking, a 36 hour week which is very competitive compared to the market and the ability to start between 7.30am and 9.30am and finish between 4pm and 6.30pm and at 3pm on a Friday. The company offers a 7.5% pension scheme which is again, very competitive for the market, a salary range of £28,000 – £32,000, + holidays and other benefits.

The company is willing to consider engineers fresh from Uni through to experienced engineers, so if this role sounds exciting , but you are unsure if suitable, please apply. Please find below what you would be doing and some of the skills you would need

Development Testing of New Hardware & Software Designs

  • Work with new product development teams to create test plans to prove new designs comply with development specifications.
  • Electronic hardware functional testing – accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility studies, usability, etc.
  • Environmental testing (e.g. temperature, humidity, water and dust ingress protection).
  • Mechanical test (impact, shock, vibration).
  • Electrical safety assessment (insulation breakdown, heat rise, etc.).
  • Life test – mechanical ops, battery life, etc.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing (RFI immunity and emissions, ESD, etc.).
  • Test report preparation.

If you would like to apply for this role please contact Andrew Knight @ KO2 Embedded Recruitment Solutions Ltd

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